Plano, TX

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History of Plano

Plano, Texas was first settled in the 1840s. Scattered settlers eventually formed a cohesive community thanks mostly to the sawmill and gristmill built by William Foreman. The area was primarily composed of ranchers although the rich land also attracted farmers. The town’s first post office was established in 1852. In 1888, two railroad lines came to the town, fueling more growth. However, the city didn’t experience a true population boom and transformation from a farming community until the growth of Dallas in the 1970s.

Plano, TX

Plano, TX


Plano is in the northeast part of Texas. It is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, a large metropolitan area that includes 12 different counties. Nearby cities include McKinney, Richardson and Carrollton. Plano was given its name due to the area’s flatness. The city is near several large lakes, such as Lewisville Lake.

Population and Median Income of Plano

The population of Plano is about 270,000, which makes the city the ninth most populous city in Texas. The median household income of the area is over $82,000, which is significantly higher than the median income for the state of Texas.

Plano Attractions

Plano has an active parks and recreation department. There are many parks and facilities, including a tennis center and a golf course. The city is also home to the Interurban Railway Museum. In the fall, the city hosts the Plano Balloon Festival, a celebration of hot air balloons that includes live music, food vendors and races. Plano also boasts several parks and nature reserves, along with a thriving historical district downtown.

Climate and Weather

Temperatures in Plano range from 30 to nearly 100 degrees. Humidity remains near 80 percent throughout the year, with rainy seasons in the spring and fall. The area is especially susceptible to tornadoes, experiencing almost 300 percent more tornadoes than the national average. This is offset by an exceptionally high amount of sunny days; the city’s rate of cloudy days is below 50 percent, even during winter. You can see why trusted heating and AC repair in Plano is crucial for homes in businesses. 

Joplin’s Heating and AC Repair in Plano

High levels of humidity and hot days make reliable air conditioner repair in Plano extremely important. Bill Joplin’s company has been providing Plano AC repair and service since 1978. The company offers a range of AC services, from installation to maintenance and repair. Since the Joplin family members and their technicians live in the area, they understand the unique climate needs to provide the best Plano air conditioning services. Joplin’s regularly offers coupons and promotions for air conditioning repair in Plano so that customers will know that they have found the best price possible. The company’s AC repair services in Plano also put money back into the community, supporting local groups, clubs and charities.

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Plano, TX

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Plano, TX
Plano, TX
Plano, TX

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