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Indoor Air Quality Solutions from Bill Joplin's Air Conditioning & Heating

The key to fixing your indoor air quality is the addition of products, such as dehumidifiers and Ultraviolet lights. At Bill Joplin's Air Conditioning & Heating we offer a long list of options to keep your breathing air fresh and pure all season long.

Improving indoor air quality can be a simple appointment of ductwork cleaning or an addition of an air scrubber. An easy, swift solution is to rely on UV lights for pure air conditions. UV lights are inexpensive, simple to install, and offer immediate benefits. Hospital operating rooms are required to install UV lights due to how efficiently the air is purified. UV lights reduce dust in the air filter, mold along the cooling coil, and flu-like symptoms cropping up in your household. Consider this addition to your home or business today.

Breathe Fresher Air at Home

The weather in Mckinney, Allen, Melissa, Prosper, Fairview, Lucas, Plano, and Princeton, TX can get pretty toasty. The heat brings about humidity as well. Too much moisture causes mold, mildew, and cockroaches to invade. There is also the concern about wood furniture swelling. A dehumidifier is an immediate, low-cost solution to reducing the amount of moisture in your indoor air quality. Have this device work in tandem with your AC equipment and never lift a finger. For dehumidification services in Mckinney, Allen, Melissa, Prosper, Fairview, Lucas, Plano, and Princeton, TX, give Bill Joplin's Air Conditioning & Heating a call now.

Collin County Loves Us
Had two HVAC companies look at my non working outside unit. Both said I had a leak but from different spots. Both said I needed a new unit. I then called Joplin’s and they pinpointed the leak (at a totally...
Bobby R.
I was satisfied with the team that came out to change my evaporator coil! Mr Andrew and Mr. David were phenomenal. They were an effective team, providing us with their progress trying tokeep us informed. The job wasn’t easy and...
Rudy H.
Had an outage on Labor Day in 105 degree heat in North Texas. Michael from Joplin’s was there in 1 hour and got our unit working again. Analyzed the problem and noticed it was a bad capacitor, and didn’t try...
Chad G.
Bill Joplin’s installed the A/C systems when I built my house almost 30 years ago and I’ve been using them for preventative maintenance and repair ever since. When it was time to replace my worn out systems, I never considered...
Patrick M
Bill Joplin is The Best, have used them since ‘04 at 4 different homes. Others may be cheaper but so is their product and service. The actually put a total new system in current home less than other quotes and...
Bill B.
Joplin’s has always taken great care of us for over 20 years. Today was fantastic as our AC went out over Father’s Day weekend. They came to our rescue within two hours of our call and solved our problem in...
Jennifer S.
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