We get many questions at this time of year about furnaces. People ask, “Why is it important that I have my gas furnace checked out in the wintertime?” Here are a few answers to those questions: Keep Reading

When you think of fall, what comes to mind? It might be children laughing on their way to school, sights of geese flying south, or the fresh smell of raked leaves.  Keep Reading

You want your home to run as efficiently as possible, from the CFL lightbulbs in your lamps to your HVAC system. A preventive maintenance plan can help with the latter, whether your HVAC appliances are six months or six years old. Consider these six benefits of a preventive maintenance plan in Frisco, Texas. Lubricating Moving … Continued Keep Reading

Air cleaners, air purifiers, HEPA filters … what exactly are all these techniques for cleaning and purifying the air in your McKinney, Texas, home? The right air cleaner or purifier technology assists your HVAC system and improves your indoor air quality by tackling the particulates that might be causing your allergies or collecting in your … Continued Keep Reading

When the leaves start to fall and mornings begin to feel chilly, you know fall has arrived in Fairview, Texas. Keeping your home warm and cozy can get expensive, but preparing before the temperature drops can pay off in a big way. Prepare your home for cold weather with these nine budget-friendly tips. Increase Your … Continued Keep Reading

During the Thanksgiving season, you’ll often have a host of friends and family visiting your house. Make sure your Dallas, Texas, home is prepared for all the warm harvest happenings. A thorough fall cleaning and maintenance routine will get everything ready for your guests, so you can host a flawless holiday. Wash the Window Hangings … Continued Keep Reading

The purpose of the heat pump is to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Their effectiveness and energy-efficiency are the main reasons that heat pumps are so popular among homeowners in Texas. To fully reap the benefits of a heat pump, homeowners need to have regular inspections performed and … Continued Keep Reading

Whether it’s summer or the winter that’s just around the corner, these two seasons mean more than just temperature extremes. They also cause your HVAC system to kick into hyperdrive and your energy bills to skyrocket. However, there are ways to lessen the blow. If you suffer from excessive bills at your Plano, Texas, home … Continued Keep Reading

If you plan to sell your Lucas, Texas, home sooner or later, you’ll want to capitalize on energy-efficient upgrades. Investing in your home’s energy efficiency will make your house more attractive to buyers and increase the sale price. From replacing light bulbs to installing a new air conditioner, discover close to a dozen energy-efficiency upgrades that … Continued Keep Reading

Working remotely in McKinney, Texas, gives telecommuters greater flexibility in their lives, but also comes with unexpected challenges, such as managing indoor air quality (IAQ). In a managed office space, a building contractor takes responsibility, but telecommuters need to manage their workplace IAQ themselves. Wherever you work, many common factors lead to poor IAQ. Indoor … Continued Keep Reading

Here in McKinney, Texas, every draft of cool air is precious. To lose any of that comfort during the smothering heat of summer would be like accidentally tipping the ice cream off of your cone and onto the ground. Unfortunately, many homeowners in McKinney are losing some of that precious cool air to an improperly … Continued Keep Reading

It’s finally happened. Your old air conditioner has died on you, right in the hottest part of summer. Your Frisco, Texas, home is warm and getting warmer the longer you wait. Choosing a new air conditioner is a big financial decision, though. It’s not one you can make lightly. You have to consider your budget, … Continued Keep Reading

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Bill Joplin’s installed the A/C systems when I built my house almost 30 years ago and I’ve been using them for preventative maintenance and repair ever since. When it was time to replace my worn out systems, I never considered...
Patrick M
I was satisfied with the team that came out to change my evaporator coil! Mr Andrew and Mr. David were phenomenal. They were an effective team, providing us with their progress trying tokeep us informed. The job wasn’t easy and...
Rudy H.
Had two HVAC companies look at my non working outside unit. Both said I had a leak but from different spots. Both said I needed a new unit. I then called Joplin’s and they pinpointed the leak (at a totally...
Bobby R.
Joplin’s has always taken great care of us for over 20 years. Today was fantastic as our AC went out over Father’s Day weekend. They came to our rescue within two hours of our call and solved our problem in...
Jennifer S.
Bill Joplin is The Best, have used them since ‘04 at 4 different homes. Others may be cheaper but so is their product and service. The actually put a total new system in current home less than other quotes and...
Bill B.
Had an outage on Labor Day in 105 degree heat in North Texas. Michael from Joplin’s was there in 1 hour and got our unit working again. Analyzed the problem and noticed it was a bad capacitor, and didn’t try...
Chad G.
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