Is your air conditioning or HVAC system more than 12 or 15 years old? Is it costing you more but cooling you less? Have you been told that your system has a refrigerant leak?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you will likely be looking at a new air conditioning system or heat pump installation in the not too distant future.

Although it may sound like bad news, there are some very positive upsides to a new air conditioning or HVAC system. First, there have been huge improvements in efficiency in the past ten to fifteen years. If your current HVAC system is an 8 or 10 SEER and you upgrade to a 14 SEER, you can expect your new system to use 30% less electricity; and even less energy for higher SEER systems.

New systems are more efficient and and offer more options such as variable speed airflow, humidification, air purification and system controls. There are also manufacturer rebates plus federal and local tax rebates to take into consideration depending on the system you choose.

For more information take a look at our infographic below and then feel free to call Joplin’s Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ll be happy answer any questions, and help you decide on the best air conditioning system or heat pump for you and your home.

Air Conditioning Replacment

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