Everyone is concerned with high energy bills. This is especially true in McKinney, TX where temperatures can be extremely low in winter and then soar in the summer. Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning & Heating would like to help our customers with their high utility bills. Conducting spring maintenance on your air conditioning system will help with those high energy bills.

Conducting some preventative spring maintenance will ensure your Collin County air conditioning system works well when the heat of summer arrives.

Chuck Warner is in the Bill Joplin’s Training Center in McKinney, TX.  Chuck explains some of the critical checks the air conditioning professionals from Bill Joplin’s perform during the spring to prepare your air conditioning system for the heat of the summer . 

Items that should be checked in the spring to make sure your air conditioning system will run smoothly include:

  1. Change and replace air filters
  2. Inspect and lubricate blower motor and wheel, and clean in place as needed
  3. Check all electrical wiring and connections
  4. Check temperature differential across evaporator coil
  5. Clean evaporator coil if needed (in place)
  6. Check duct work and dampers for air leaks
  7. Check thermostat for proper operation
  8. Check and clean condenser coil if needed
  9. Check refrigerant charge (refrigerant) for proper level
  10. Check compressor operation and amperage
  11. Check control circuit boards
  12. Check contacts and clean contacts if necessary
  13. Inspect condensate drain

These important spring maintenance HVAC checks are meant to catch any potential problem points before any damage is done to the system. 

Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement is competitively priced to help our customers in Collin County who are struggling with high utility bills for only $100 per system each year!