Choosing the right filter for your McKinney, Texas, home is vital to making your home comfortable, improving the function of your air conditioning system, and increasing the life of your unit. To help pick the right filter for your home and needs, you will need to know what size, what type, and what rating you are looking for.

Determining Size

To work properly, you will have to choose the correct size filter to fit your HVAC unit. You can find the numbers on the filter itself or on your HVAC components or manual. If you cannot find these dimensions or are putting in an air filter for the first time, you can measure the grill to get the size for the height, width, and depth you will need.

Choosing the Right Type

While there are numerous types of air filters available, some are mostly utilized for commercial industries, such as the medical field. When you are choosing a filter, you will most likely be picking one from two primary categories:

  • Disposable filters – These are one-month filters that are most commonly found at grocery and home improvement stores. They are rated for one-time use and can come with or without a deodorizing fragrance.
  • Washable filters – For those who want a filter that lasts longer, or is more environmentally- friendly, they may choose a washable filter. A washable filter will require monthly cleaning but can be used for several months before being replaced.

Considering the Ratings

Filters are typically rated using the MERV system, which ranges from 1 to 20. Home-use filters are typically rated 13 or less. The higher the rating number, the more effective the filtration of particles will be.

Help choose the best air filter for your equipment by following the tips listed above. If you have a question about which filter to choose or other HVAC concerns, contact Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning & Heating at 888-414-4655.

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