Pilot Point, TX

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History of Pilot Point, TX

The town of Pilot was named due to its prime location. The town was located on top of a ridge and could be seen from a far distance. A tall cottonwood that stood out in the center of the grove of oak trees in the town was used as a landmark by Indians, Texas Rangers, scouts, and early settlers at the time of its naming.

Pilot Point, TX

Pilot Point, TX

In1854 James Pierson laid out the plat for the town of Pilot Point. People began to flock to the town and things began to quickly develop. The town set up a post office in 1855, as well as a general store. In 1856 the town opened a subscription school that was operated by Aphius Knight. Churches were also opened in the town in 1856 to help the people in the community. At the end of the 1850s, the Butterfield Overland Mail stage route made its way through the town, which helped the growth of the town as well. 

During the Civil War, the men of the town organized their own Confederate company under Captain N. Wilson. However, once they left the town, the people that remained were getting targeted by thieves that would try to steal their cattle and horses. The residents then decided to form a group called the Regulators. 

In 1866 the town of Pilot Point was incorporated. The town wanted to progress since the war had put a hold on much of its progression. However, in 1878 the residents in the town repealed the decision, and the town un-incorporated. 

In 1877 the military built a telegraph line through the town. This gave Pilot Point a better connection to the outside world. By the 1880s The Texas and Pacific Railway and the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railway both made their way through the town. 

By 1890 the town had a thriving Bank, a flour mill, cotton gins, a newspaper, and several other businesses that brought much success to the town. The railroads that made their way through the area just brought more business to the residents and the town. 

The town decided in 1906 to reincorporate. By 1914 the population had grown to 1,371 and the town had its own electric plant and waterworks. There was a creamery in the town, an ice plant, and three banks in the town. The town even had its own Refining company by the 1930s. The town continues to boast manufacturers of cabinets, counters, irrigators, equestrian supply, and clothing. 

Bonnie and Clyde Days in Pilot Point Texas

Pilot Point, Texas, was the location of the filming of the famous bank robbery scene in the 1968 movie, Bonnie and Clyde, starring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. But it is so much more than that. Pilot Point (and neighboring towns and counties) were actually the stomping-grounds of the actual Bonnie and Clyde. The town had many outlaws come through including the James Gang, the Younger Brothers, Quantrill’s Raiders and others. 

Bonnie and Clyde Days is a Festival hosted by Pilot Point’s Main Street Program. During the event Pilot Point steps back in time for a day of family fun. There will be a classic car show, music, community theater, and all sorts of old fashioned fun! 

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Pilot Point, TX

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Pilot Point, TX
Pilot Point, TX
Pilot Point, TX

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