Celina, TX

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History of Celina, TX

The town of Celina was not established until 1876, but settlers made their way into the area much earlier. What we know as present-day Celina was not always the location. The original settlement was a few miles southwest of the present town. The town was named by the first postmaster John T. Mulkey and he named the town after Celina, Tennesse.

Celina, TX

Celina, TX

Moving the Town

You may wonder why a town would be established, only to move it 20 years later. Well, news had hit that the Frisco railway was on its way and was to extend its line through Texas. The settlers of Celina, Texas did not want it to miss their town, so they decided they would just move their entire settlement. 

When they decided to move the town, they loaded up all of their businesses and homes on rollers pulled them to the new location by traction engines in 1902. They moved them to the location that everyone knows now as Celina. 

The land was originally owned by William Wilock. The town was officially incorporated in 1907. Will Newsom was the first official mayor of the town of Celina, Texas. 


Population and Growth in Celina, Texas 

The population of Celina is continuing to steadily grow. With a population of around 19,000, the City of Celina’s population has nearly tripled since 2010. This is making Celina one of the fastest-growing cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The city has a maximum projected buildout population of approximately 350,000! 

The town of Celina is situated just perfectly for the residents. Between the potential for economic growth and opportunities for their residents, they have so many opportunities. The town of Celina has a median household income of $96,139, with an average home value of $379,652. Residents are only minutes away from Frisco’s “$5 Billion Mile,” major hospitals and the top-ranked Prosper and Celina school districts.



What to Do in Celina

There are so many things to do in Celina and the areas that surround the town. Celina is known for celebrating culture. One of the many celebrations in the town is the CajunFest. It is a event with live music, a crawfish boil, and an overall amazing celebration. It is a celebration with a Louisiana flair. 

The city has many other celebration in the town that are family oriented that you would love to visit throughout the year. There is always something to do in the city. Whether it be a OktoberFest, a Farmers Market on the Square, or a visit to the local winery. There is always something for everyone in the town of Celina.

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Celina, TX

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Celina, TX
Celina, TX
Celina, TX

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