Anna, TX

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History of Anna, TX

Although Collin McKinney settled within a few miles of what would be Anna, Texas, John F. Greer is credited with building the first home and store there. He arrived in the area in 1867, and the development of Anna, Texas began.

Anna, TX

Anna, TX

Naming of Anna

John Greer was responsible for naming the town, but where he got the name is up for question. Some suggest that the community was named after his daughter. Some say that it was named in for Anna Quinlan, daughter of George A. Quinlan, former superintendent of the Houston and Texas Central. Some people say that Anna Quinlan was the wife of George Quinlan and the daughter of J. L. Greer. 

Finally, another story says that the naming was based on Anna Huntington, who was the daughter of C. P. Huntington. He was the man who built the Dallas-Denison railroad line which passed through the area in 1873. No one really seems to agree on the naming of the town, but it is fun to hear all of the stories behind it.

What to Do in Anna, TX

The city of Anna is sunny 232 days out of the year, with a high of 93 during the summer. During these amazingly bright and beautiful days, you can venture out to visit one of the cities wonderful parks. The city is full of parks as well as nature trails for you to explore all year long to take in the beauty of the area. 

Many of the parks in the area have amenities such as athletic fields and playgrounds. Natural Springs Park has a man-made fishing pond and pier. Slayter Creek hosts not just an amazing park, but also a fun splash pad that is open during the warmer times of the year. Slayter Creek also is home to a disc golf course in the area. 

If nature trails are what you are looking for then Slayter Creek is where you should spend your time while in Anna. It is home to a 4,400 foot walking trail that connects the Slayter Creek Park trail to Hackberry Drive. You will be able to experience some beautiful scenery while walking the trails. 

There is always something to see and experience outdoors while in Anna, TX. The City’s parks and hiking trails are always maintained to the highest standards thanks to the Neighborhood Services Department.

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Anna, TX

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Anna, TX
Anna, TX
Anna, TX

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