McKinney, Texas, residents are no strangers to summer heat, but hot, stale air can make your home unlivable. Learn four ways to improve your home’s ventilation so your family can enjoy greater comfort and better indoor air quality this summer.

Prioritize Bathroom Ventilation

You might not think twice about your daily bathing routine, but if you don’t have proper ventilation in your bathrooms, it’s time you did. This can be as easy as installing a wall or ceiling-mounted exhaust fan that moves excess moisture directly to the outdoors. Depending on where your bathroom is located, you may need to upgrade to a more advanced bathroom ventilation fan to move humid air from an interior space to the exterior of your home.

Add Kitchen Ventilation

In the kitchen, consider adding a range hood with a built-in ventilation system above the stove. Turn it on each time you cook, even if you’re just boiling water, in order to move humid air outside where it belongs. If you have a microwave installed over your range, upgrade to a version that comes with an exhaust fan to keep your home feeling fresh.

Improve Dryer Ventilation

Dryers do a great job of pulling water out of your clean clothes. If they’re not properly ventilated, however, they’ll release that excess moisture into your home’s air supply. Check that your dryer has a functioning ventilation system, and look periodically to make sure the exterior exhaust vents are free from blockages.

Install Whole-House Ventilation

When spot ventilation isn’t enough to clear the air, consider a whole-house ventilator. At Bill Joplin’s, we’ll assess your home’s ventilation needs and recommend a professional system that will draw in fresh air and release stale air at a rate that’s ideal for your home. Our energy recovery ventilators are even designed to precondition incoming air in order to optimize energy consumption in your home.

No one should have to breathe stale air, especially during a hot Texas summer. Call the professionals at Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning & Heating to get your HVAC system back on track today: 888-414-4655.

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