Residential air conditioning systems are one of the greatest inventions of all time. They keep us cool during sweltering summer days, they warm us up during cold months, and they help filter out allergens and other harmful particles that get into our homes.

With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that most Americans take great care to keep their ACs in good working order by carefully maintaining them and having any malfunctions quickly fixed by first-rate repair technicians from Bill Joplin’s in McKinney, TX.

Ever since these systems first became available to the public, their owners have been asking the same question: Which is the best temperature to set your thermostat on? That’s what we’ll be answering in this article. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the ideal indoor temperature?

As much as we wish we could give you a clear-cut answer, the reality is that everyone has a different preference when it comes to what the comfiest temperatures in their homes are. Things only get more complicated once you add factors such as weather, size of the house, other heat sources, and more.

When it comes to productivity, research claims that the optimal indoor temperatures are between 65- and 72-degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, if these temps don’t feel good for you, you should ignore the research and set the thermostat to what’s most comfortable for you.

HVAC experts recommend the following thermostat settings:

How to Set your Thermostat for Maximum Comfort in McKinney, TXFor the Summer months keep your thermostat as consistent as possible. Only vary the temperature a couple of degrees if you leave during the day. This is because when most people come home from work it is the hottest temperature of the day outside. Asking an A/C system to catch up during this time is usually asking too much and will actually cost you more money on electricity, not save you money.

For winter and fall, the experts recommend 68-70 degrees. Humidifiers can help add humidity to your home to give you a blanket of moisture on your skin giving you the opportunity to keep the thermostat on a lower setting.

Understanding how to set your thermostat for maximum comfort will utilize and optimize your HVAC system.

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