AC filter replacement in your home is an important component of making sure your air conditioning and heating system is properly maintained.  Most HVAC systems in McKinney and surrounding areas use disposable filters that should be replaced at regular intervals.

There are many different air filter replacements available for purchase. Bill Joplin’s sells air filters for air conditioners and heaters – and if you have our maintenance agreement, we will change the filter if needed during our next visit.

How much does an air filter cost? How do I find the right air filter replacement size? What does an air filter even do, anyway? Joplin’s answers your questions about air filter replacement, air filter cost, and more.

Here’s 5 Things to Know about AC Filter Replacement

  1. What Does an Air Filter Do?

The air filter in your home HVAC system’s serves a couple of purposes.  It helps reduce buildup of dust and dirt on your HVAC system’s internal components, so the system operates more efficiently.

Also, an air filter is needed to clean the air in your home.  Left for too long, a dirty HVAC system air filter can reduce your comfort, reduce cooling and heating energy efficiency, make your system work harder, and in more extreme cases, cause the system to shut down completely when air flow is severely restricted. So, air filters in your home also create cleaner indoor air through removing contaminants reducing the buildup of dust on furniture and enabling you to breathe a little easier.

Filters receive a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating that reflects how efficient they are at removing dust, pollen and dirt. MERV values start at 1 on the low end and go up to 16, but MERV 12 or 13 is the highest that should be used in a residential HVAC system, depending on the model.

  1. How Much Does an Air Filter Cost?

The cost of air filters can greatly vary from one product to the next. Several factors go into the price including the MERV rating, filter material, thickness, retailer, and other factors. When looking to buy an air filter in McKinney, Frisco or nearby communities, a standard disposable 1” air filter replacement costs as little as a few dollars and it lasts 1-3 months.

  1. What’s the Right Size for My Air Filter Replacement?

AC filter replacement sizes vary greatly.  The size you need depends on your HVAC system. Almost all filters show the filter size on the side of the filter. Gently remove the existing filter from the filter compartment. The filter’s frame will have information including the brand, filter dimensions, and possibly even the MERV rating and part number. With this information, you can know what to look for when you shop for an air filter replacement.  If you have access to your equipment owner’s manual that should also provide the filter sizing information.

  1. How Often Is Air Filter Replacement Necessary?

With air constantly flowing through your McKinney home’s heating and cooling system, over time the filter becomes clogged and must be changed. How often you need air filter replacement depends on many factors, such as how many people and pets live in your home, the type of filter, how often your HVAC system runs, and other air quality issues present in your home.

The companies that make air filters provide recommendations as to how often an air filter should be replaced in North Texas.  These are good guidelines to work from, but you should perform monthly visual checks of your system’s filter to visually look for a buildup of dirt, dust and/or pet hair.

AC filter replacement guidelines for a 1-inch filter are generally said to be 1 – 3 Months. If your HVAC system has been properly configured, there are larger filter sizes all the way up to six inches. These filters are likely to last much longer.  Call us at Joplin’s to discuss re-configuring your HVAC system to support a larger filter.

  1. What Happens if I Skip Air Filter Replacement?

If you don’t replace your air filter and continue to operate your heating and cooling systems with a dirty filter, you may increase the potential to cause serious problems with system performance. When you skip filter changes, the following are possibilities:

  • Damage Your HVAC System. When the air filter is clogged with debris because it has not been changed, air cannot move through the system as it should. Your HVAC system must work overtime to draw air through the clogged filter. This extra work can cause a coil to freeze up in the summer or overheat in the winter. Over time, and if not addressed they can restrict airflow, reduce cooling ability and reduce the life of the system through corrosion and material breakdown.
  • Energy waste: With your heating and cooling systems working harder to force air through the dirty filter, more energy is consumed – this energy wouldn’t be necessary if air filter replacement was done properly. Not changing your air filter results in additional energy expenses and higher utility bills.
  • Poor air quality: Your air filter does contribute to removing contaminants from the indoor air supply and thereby improving air quality. Dirty air filters lead to more allergens and contaminant particles in the home, increased allergy symptoms, and dirtier surfaces throughout. Irritants like dust, dirt, pollen and more can then circulate throughout your home through the heating and cooling vents. Ultimately, this can lead to significantly reducing the quality of air in your home.

AC filter replacement in your McKinney home is an important part of making sure your cooling and heating system looking good and operating at its best. Contact the expert team of friendly Texans at Joplin’s AC and Heating in McKinney if you have further questions.