We get many questions at this time of year about furnaces. People ask, “Why is it important that I have my gas furnace checked out in the wintertime?” Here are a few answers to those questions:

Heat Exchanger

The number one part of your gas furnace is the heat exchanger. It’s the heart of the system where the combustion of gas and oxygen takes place. That happens when air and gas shoot through the system, catches on fire, and that heat radiates through a heat exchanger and eventually goes out the flue. Your blower fan then blows air around the heat exchanger, drawing the heat from it to warm your house.

You want to be careful that every time the gas furnace comes on, the metal expands and contracts repeatedly.

The Importance of Checking Your Gas FurnaceSo every time it does that, it puts a little stress on the heat exchanger. Over time, stress fractures can happen, and even the smallest stress fracture can get bigger on the heat exchanger when it’s hot. The bigger it gets, the more gas can leak into your airstream. Or air get can inside your burner and make it burn poorly or inefficiently. This can also create a situation where carbon monoxide could get into your home. 

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So it is crucial to have your gas furnaces checked out every fall to make sure it is functioning correctly. 

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