Did you know that refrigerant doesn’t get “used up?” This substance isn’t a fuel source the way that some people mistakenly believe. And it really is a common misconception! That’s why we want to take a moment to clear up any confusion so that way you know how and why you might be losing refrigerant and why it is a problem!

Understanding a little bit more about your air conditioning system can only help you in the long run. This is because it will help you to know when you need to schedule air conditioning repair in North Texas. And when that time comes, make sure you reach out to a professional for those repairs.

The Role of Your Refrigerant

Let’s start here because knowing what your refrigerant does can be a huge step in helping you learn when something goes wrong with your AC. Your refrigerant is the “transfer medium” used to pull heat out of the air in your home and transfer it outside. This allows your system to “create” cool air with which to cool off your home.

If your system starts to lose refrigerant, however, it is going to mess with its ability to create that cool air and bring comfort to your home–which is quite important when you live in Texas.

Signs You Have a Refrigerant Leak

Losing refrigerant from your air conditioning system is going to be caused by a refrigerant leak of some sort. A loss of refrigerant is going to be a sign of trouble. Here are some of the signs that you might have a refrigerant leak and why you need to schedule repairs ASAP.

Is Your HVAC system leaking refrigerant?Your AC is struggling to cool your home. A lower level of refrigerant is going to make things harder for your AC system to create cool air for your home. If it is taking an increasingly long time to cool off your home, it may be due to the fact you have a leak that is messing with your refrigerant level.

Your air conditioner is short cycling. A HVAC system that has a refrigerant leak may also short cycle. This is a term referring to when your system can’t finish a full cooling cycle before shutting itself off. This is extremely hard on your system and needs to be addressed ASAP.

If you notice Ice around the lines going into your outdoor unit, this can be a sign that either your refrigerant is low or you airflow is restricted (or not running) on the indoor unit. 

If you notice that your air conditioner is struggling and you think it may be due to a refrigerant leak, you need to schedule a repair service with a expertly trained technician from Bill Joplin’s to get the issue resolved. Our team provides upfront and honest pricing with every job we do, and all our technicians are all licensed and insured.

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