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Because Americans spend the majority of their time indoors and the majority of their indoor time at home or work, the comfort benefits maintaining great indoor air quality cannot be overstated. At Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer professional duct cleaning services to help indoor air stay as clean and dust-free as possible.

Having ducts professionally cleaned has many benefits, included eased symptoms for people with asthma or allergies, increased efficiency of HVAC equipment and a noticeably cleaner smell throughout the building. In general, we recommend having ducts cleaned every three to seven years, depending on factors such as smoking, pets and general home cleanliness. An issue such as vermin or mold may also call for immediate duct cleaning.

We follow standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADA), which means a simple sweep of the ducts is just the beginning of our duct cleaning services. After disassembling the duct system to make sure every component can be thoroughly cleaned, we remove debris from registers, heat exchangers, grills, coils, diffusers and drip pans along with the ducts themselves. In many cases, we need to open up new access holes to reach every part of the duct system.

The cleaning itself begins with soft brushes designed to dislodge dirt and debris without doing any harm to the ducts. We then use high-powered vacuum technology to blow all of the debris away in short order. Our technicians use chemical biocides and sealants to clear out harmful microbes and prevent any issues from returning, then reassemble the duct system and close up any access holes to maintain its integrity. Of course, we thoroughly test every system before leaving the customer’s home.

Almost immediately after cleaning, our customers notice improved indoor air quality, a cleaner smell and reduced asthma and allergy symptoms. Once ducts are professionally cleaned, they generally stay that way for years, which makes our cleaning services a fine investment in the future of any home. If you notice dust and debris coming from access vents or any other duct-related issue, consider opting for duct cleaning from Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning and Heating.

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